Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1st Applicability and validity
All sales are made to the following conditions. Any other conditions were that the buyer in any way is to be used or should be asked are not valid. Other terms, we accept not if we do not contradict these explicitly.

2nd Price and shipping
The published rates for HERKA terry Online include VAT, but not the shipping costs and any customs duties. Please ask for the shipping costs per phone (+43 2864 2317) or Mail: info@herka-frottier.at


3rd Ordering / Contracting
The buyer has different ways of ordering (by phone, electronic). Orders are only possible from people who already are 18 Age have achieved. The buyer is obliged to notify any change of its Rechnungs-/und delivery address. On the online order, the buyer will receive an order confirmation and invoice by the sales contract is concluded. The contract will be effective only after the point of time the payment has reached  HERKA Frottier

4th Delivery date / delivery period / Compensation
The dispatch of the goods if possible to the date of payment. The confirmed delivery is ex factory. Teillie-deliveries are permitted. Additional costs arising from special shipping requests (for example express delivery), shall be borne by the buyer.
Claims for damages for late delivery or for failure to comply may be the buyer alleged. Acts of God, war, strike, government action or disruption of any kind, including suppliers and problems in firms, entitle the seller to stop the delivery in whole or in part, or the delivery according to postpone or cancel the contract. Compensation claims are excluded.

5th Delivery
HERKA  can be exercised in the acceptance and processing of orders greatest conscientiousness.
HERKA wraps accepted orders soon and down in the order they are received. Normally, the delivery needs two business days upon receipt of the invoice amount to our account. If a delivery should not be possible because the relevant product is in stock or if delivery is delayed for other reasons, you will be notified no later than 14 days after your order it. The delivery of the order by HERKA is as under, Port, payment, delivery 'described in the online shop. For unclaimed packages HERKA reserves the right to charge € 30,00 for the costs incurred.

6th Minimum age
At the age limit online HERKA terry is 18 years. Orders from and shipments to persons under 18 Age have not yet completed, are not possible.

7th Over-and Underlieferungstoleranzen / color
More or less than 5% of the order quantity are acceptable. Fluctuations up to ± 10% of the units are reserved long and ± 2% of the fabric width. With custom-made to customer, the seller is entitled to accept quantities of waste saving more or Fehlware require is proportionate to the job.
Small differences from dye lot to dye lot are technically unavoidable. In addition, the standards and practices of the Vienna Stock Exchange, volume 10

8th Retournierung
A return of the goods is generally not provided and may be made without the express written consent of the seller.

9th Warranty / liability
Complaints must be in writing within 14 days of receipt of goods. After cutting or otherwise any change of the product claim is excluded.
Commercially or technically unavoidable differences in the quality of the goods, such as quality, color, width, weight, equipment and design are not considered a defect. The buyer can make the delivered goods only available, but do not require make a substitute insurance. The seller has to insufficient or incorrect delivery the right, within a reasonable period subsequent delivery to provide compensation. Compensation claims are excluded.
the case of hidden defects, the complaint must immediately upon discovery, but not later than six months from date of shipment to the seller in writing.
A further liability of the seller, for whatever legal reason, including damages, including consequential damages and claims of breach of collateral from the buyer by the seller, are excluded.

10th Privacy Policy
HERKA Frottier takes responsibility for all personal data that provide us with the buyer. The informations are automatically processed and thereby in accordance with the provisions and implementing rules of the Data Protection Act treats. The information will be used for the test, acceptance and settlement of contracts and for the management of the resulting customer relationship, the recovery of outstanding payments, fraud and compliance with regulatory requirements. You agree that your name, birth date, address, telephone number and e-mail address for marketing and promotional purposes by HERKA is used. This approval can be revoked by you at any time. You can e-mail request to info@herka-frottier.at insight into your personal data.

11th Image Rights
All image rights under HERKA Frottier Online are owned by HERKA Ltd. Use without express permission is prohibited.

12th Liability
For any light on negligence-based printing errors in our advertising material and data errors in our online shop we do not assume any liability. In terms of other damages (other than personal injury) HERKA Frottier shall not be liable for ordinary negligence.

13th Performance / Jurisdiction
This commercial transaction is subject to Austrian law.
Of performance and jurisdiction for any benefits from the contract is the location of the commercial establishment of the seller. Of jurisdiction for actions brought by the Seller at its option, also for the seat of the company of the seller competent court. The seller reserves the right to appeal to an international arbitral tribunal of its choice. Austrian law applies excluding the UN sales law.

14th Other
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by those legally permissible provisions that the economic purpose intended by the parties to come closest.

Contact Address
Herka GmbH, Herkaweg 1, A-3851 Kautzen, Austria
Management: Mag Thomas Pfeiffer
phone: +43 2864 2317 or +43 2864 2219, fax: +43 2864 221920,

Email: info@herka-frottier.at