Basil - Serie Landliebe DAISY 1490DAISY

Zero Twist

ca. 450 g/m²

ohne Stick oder mit Stick 'Daisy'

Size Price
guest towel without embroidery35 x 50 cm€ 5,39
guest towel with embroidery35 x 50 cm€ 9,49
towel without embroidery50 x 100 cm€ 12,49
towel with embroidery50 x 100 cm€ 16,49
Sizes-table ... 

Ready for dispatch in 1 workday.
* Ready for dispatch in 1 Week.
** Ready for dispatch in 2-3 Weeks.

white without embroidery

white with embroidery orange/yellow

white with embroidery red/yellow

white with embroidery purple/yellow