People are our priority!


We are socially responsible and our knowledge and our solutions are helping to create a livable world. Therefore, we are a respected in all countries where we operate our business enterprises. Cultural differences enrich our organization.


We produce WITH people and FOR people!


Our customers are the reason for our existence.

Therefore we want to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Even though we are a family business we are a global company, and have international capacities.


We are among the best terry producers in the world!


HERKA Frottier aims to more than meet your needs and expectations.

Our customer support is available to answer questions via phone or email at any time.

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HERKA Frottier is a family business that has successfully operated for more than 80 years and four generations. It was founded in 1927 by GIVE THE NAME. His son Karl Hermann, led the first internationalization and automation through. Karls' daughter Liselotte Pfeiffer took the company towards computerization and globalization.
We are expanding the concept HERKA to the technology leader in terms of high quality terry, and are very confident that we will succeed in the near future.

"Industry leadership in technology, quality and service are my goals for the coming years!"

says Thomas Pfeiffer, the current CEO.

"We would be happy to stay terry weavers and produce for our customers the highest quality from Austria."

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