Technology leadership

HERKA Frottier terry weaving


HERKAs terry weaving machines exclusively lead the latest generation and most modern assembly plant in central Europe.


We are fully networked, from design to shipping.

HERKA Frottier rules:
+ All technics of terry waeving (inwoven patterns, weave with different pile heights, special bonds, etc.)
+ Special fabrics of various kinds and quality
+ Processing of different materials (cotton, polyester, linen, viscose, organic cotton)
+ All technically feasible embroidery

We are among the most advanced and effective terry weaver of Europe!

HERKA Frottier has approximately 80 employees.

The state of the art machinery ranging from automatic Kettfertigung have fully networked weaving, cutting machine, transverse and Längssäumer to a planter.

HERKA Towels produces with different grammage, with / without weaving, embroidery and ready-made bed and nightwear for OTTO KERN.

The emphasis is on the one hand, industrial laundry and the other in the promotion area.

Furthermore, conducted a relaunch of the homepage and the introduction of an internet shop.